Law Offices of Jay S. Finnecy

306338_1352486380As a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, Attorney Jay S. Finnecy brings a unique perspective to every case he handles.  Mr. Finnecy’s knowledge of the day-to-day functioning of the district attorney’s office and his understanding of how cases are reviewed and evaluated for prosecution allows him to more effectively protect your interests than other attorneys.  If you have been arrested for a crime or believe you are under investigation by law enforcement, contact San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Jay S. Finnecy immediately to protect your rights and your future.

The consequences of a criminal prosecution and potential conviction are devastating.  Simply being charged with a crime makes it difficult to pass the background checks required by most employers today.  An actual criminal conviction can make it impossible to find a job and can lead to the loss of driving privileges, the right to vote, and the right to own and possess firearms.

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Jay S. Finnecy can help you with your case.  Mr. Finnecy personally handles every case and you will receive his personal attention and professionalism every step of the way.  Mr. Finnecy will review your case carefully and explain all possible defenses to you.  Mr. Finnecy will also advise you on the best strategies to successfully resolve your case and avoid jail.  Mr. Finnecy uses his relationships and good reputation with prosecutors and judges to the benefit of every client he represents.  Most importantly, Attorney Jay S. Finnecy will give you an honest and accurate assessment of your case and potential outcomes.  Mr. Finnecy will not make hollow promises—he will give you the straight scoop regarding your case and what you can expect to happen.

Attorney Jay S. Finnecy handles all types of criminal matters and restraining orders.

Facing criminal charges is scary.  The criminal justice system can be intimidating and confusing.  Possible consequences of a criminal conviction include the loss of your freedom, loss of your job, and the loss of you reputation.  You driver’s license may be suspended, you can lose the right to possess firearms and even the right to vote.  In some instances you may be required to register as a sex-offender.

The prosecution is represented by well-trained attorneys and the resources available to law enforcement are almost unlimited.  YOU NEED HELP.  Experience Counts when it comes to hiring an attorney to handle your case.  Put my experience to work for you!  I will personally handle your case and will expertly guide you through the process until your case is concluded.